Athanasios Efthimiou CV

Dental Smile ClinicProfessional Experience

1996 – to date  * Cooperating as a visiting scientific expert with private dental clinics in Italy for the surgical implantation of teeth, periodiontal treatments and the application of bone regeneration techniques.  My assignments also include prosthetics.

1980 – 1996  * Dental surgeon employed by the Hellenic Republic (Greek Public Health System) as General Director of the Glyfada Dental department.  I gave up my post in order to focus more on my private practice.

1976 – to date * Private practice in Glyfada, a seaside suburb of Athens, offering services of general dentistry, implants, periodontal treatments, oral surgery, prosthetics works, aesthetics.


Personal Facts

• Greek National

• Date of Birth:  June 19th, 1950

• Family Status:  Married, father of  two children

• Army Service:  1975 – 1977, Greek Air Force, served with capacity as a medical doctor, head of Patient Transportation Services, Adravida Air Force Base, Greece

• Foreign Languages:  Italian, English

• Hobbies:  Ski, tennis, philosophy, poetry, psychotherapeutic studies in medicinal therapy, spiritual healing


1975 * Master’s of Science, Dentistry, Oral Surgery – Graduated with honors from the Dental School of the University of Athens, Greece

1993 * Professional Diploma – Hellenic Association of Dental Research

1993 * Professional Diploma – Hellenic Association of Dental Implants

1993 * Seminar – IRCOI Hellas

1994 * Workshop Certificate – Guided Tissue Regeneration

1996 *  Germany, FRIATEC AG, Seminar – Implant Prosthetics

1997 * Certified Seminar – Augmentation and Flap Techniques

1998  * Germany, FRIATEC AG, Seminar – The World Of Implant Denistry, Intensive training on FRIALIT-2 END IMZ Twin Plus Implant Systems

2004 * Germany, FRIATEC AG, Seminar – High Level Implant Training : Augmentation Techniques and Implant Prosthetics

2006 * Germany, Zentrum fur Implantologie and zahnartztliche Chirurgie, Seminar: Augmentation and Soft Tissue Surgery, Bone Harvesting Techniques


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